Up coming events

November 29th Monthly Meeting

The chapter meeting is a great chance to learn from experts, network with peers, and get your name out there if you’re looking for new opportunities, all while at a state of the art facility from a one of the worlds biggest players in Security. This month we'll be at Legends in Green at 6:00PM for our Holiday Season Event.

The Security Manager’s Response to Opiates in the Workplace

Dec. 5 - This webinar will explain how to recognize opiate abuse from both legal and medical perspectives, so security directors, managers, and supervisors become better aware of opiate use by their employees, vendors, visitors, customers, or trespassers.

Preventing Mass Casualty Events in Hospitality, Gaming and Event Venues

Dec. 12 - Subject matter experts representing these industries will come together in this webinar to illustrate how they have combined effective policies with comprehensive training and supplemented it with technology to make guests feel safe. Find out what steps have been taken and what best practices are being developed to help prevent violence in our places of entertainment.

Strategy and Tactics in Crisis Management: From Prevention to Recovery

Scottdale, AZ - This newly revised crisis management workshop will take you from prevention to recovery. Learning sessions and briefing content are built around a tabletop exercise which unfolds in phases starting on the morning of day one and concluding at the end of day 2.


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